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It’s official...Square Pie is off the market! After years of playing the field on the streets of London and painting the town Red, we’ve finally settled down and tied the knot. Well, the exclusive wholesale distribution knot.

We’re delighted to announce a two year exclusive distribution deal with Central Food Group to supply our wholesale product range to the masses. Square Pie has seen great success in the wholesale space since launching our products four years ago, but now is the right time to stop being greedy and pick someone to spend our life with and Central Foods, we choose you! The ceremony is due to take place on 1st March 2019 and from that moment forward Central Foods will take over supplying the world with our delicious pies.

So, if you’re an existing customer or thinking of buying Square Pie, speak to Central Foods today; they have a super friendly team that are bursting to tell you all about our best of British range.

Check them out now at: www.centralfoods.co.uk